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CareerGuidance.ie has partnered with Thomas International to provide our website users with access to world class psychometric testing, aptitude test and interest testing facilities which can (if requested) be professionally interpreted by our nationwide network of qualified and impartial career guidance practitioners. The aptitude test results can be also be uploaded to your My Career login of future reference throughout your career.

About Thomas International

Thomas has been at the forefront of assessment innovation for 30 years. Thomas provides assessments in 56 languages and have a presence in over 60 countries. Today Thomas is working with 32,000 companies and 250,000 trained Thomas users worldwide. Thomas products service both the consumer and the corporate market with clients that span every type of business of all sizes and complete over 1.5 million assessments every year.

Thomas is different because our assessments are straightforward to understand and quick to use, with rapid results.

What is an Aptitude Test?

An aptitude assessment measures a persons fluid intelligence how quickly they can learn and retain new skills and procedures. Aptitude tests are an accurate and reliable predictor of a persons development potential.

What do aptitude tests measure?

These assessments are designed to measure your potential rather than your knowledge. They commonly include verbal, numerical and reasoning tests. For example numerical tests are designed to measure how quickly and deftly your mind can manipulate numbers - not how accurately you can do algebra or quadratic equations.

What are Psychometric Tests?

If youre a parent, your students take them at school in between examinations to check their progress and predict their results. They sometimes highlight particular strengths and areas that need more teaching. If youve entered work on a graduate recruitment scheme, youve probably taken one during the milk round. And you may well have sat one when you went for your first or a subsequent job.

Psychometric tests provide an NCT (National Car Test) of what goes on under the human bonnet. They compare one individuals performance with other peoples or show what are the relatively strong and weak areas within one person. True psychometric tests look at three basic areas:
Abilities: people's capacity to work with numbers, words, diagrams and systems
Attainment: what people actually know about an area
Personality: how people are typically likely to act. This covers a huge range of aspects from people's motivations and values to how they characteristically react to authority and their honesty or integrity

Mix and match these and you get dedicated tests of areas like emotional intelligence, trainability, leadership, customer service orientation and how people think areas that are directly related to particular jobs. Assess lots of people in your company and you can get an organisational profile: how well your teams work; what particular skills you lack; whos going to fit in.

PPA - Personal Profile Analysis - Aptitude Test

In just 8 minutes PPA provides an accurate insight into how you behave at work, answering questions such as: what are your strengths and limitations, your communication style, ? How do they communicate? Are you a self starter? What motivates you, etc?

Download a Sample PPA Report

TEIQ - Emotional intelligence - Aptitude Test

The TEIQue tells you how well you understand your emotions, react to pressure, and manage relationships within teams a company/business environment.

Download a Sample TEIQ Report

GIA - General Intelligence Assessment - Aptitude Test

GIA measures a person's mental horsepower. And by understanding how quickly your candidates can learn and retain new skills and procedures, you will have a reliable prediction of their potential to grasp or develop into a new role. You'll also get an indication of how well they'll respond to training.

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