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Educational News - Career Guidance for Students - Cuts rob students of career guidance

Date Uploaded: 16/05/2016

Career Guidance for Students - Growing numbers of students are receiving guidance from unqualified staff as cracks in school counselling services deepen following the cutbacks of 2012.


Teenagers making decisions that have a crucial bearing on their life chances are relying on people who don’t have the necessary expertise.

As many as one in six (17pc) schools is using unqualified personnel for guidance counselling every week.

A widening class divide in terms of the availability of career guidance and personal counselling to students is also exposed, following an independent audit carried out on behalf of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC).

IGC president Betty McLaughlin warned: “There is a socio-economic hierarchy to the provision of hours for guidance counselling where those who can afford to pay for it receive the greatest benefit.”


Journalist: Katherine Donnelly and Fionnan Sheahan