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Leaving Cert Points Calculator: select your six highest grades. For each subject, enter the following:

  • Select the Subject.
  • Select H(igher) or O(rdinary) to indicate the examination level.
  • Select the grade for that examination.
  • Finally, click "Calculate Points"
  • The scores for the six best subjects will be in bold.

In September 2015 the Minister for Education and Skills launched the CAO points scale for higher education from 2017 onwards. The new scale and points system is integrated within the Leaving Cert Points Calculator above. We hope you find it useful and beneficial for your career, course choice and goal setting.

The Leaving Cert Points Calculator you will note still includes the Bonus Points for Honours Maths and please note the new H7 Grade (30-39%) at higher level which is equivalent to an O3 (70-79%) at ordinary level - 37 Leaving Cert Points each. The aim here is to encourage students to take more Higher Level Subjects and also reduce the pressure attached to taking Higher Level Subjects. In order to use the Print Function on the Leaving Cert Points Calculator you must login or register here with www.CareerGuidance.ie.

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