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Career Guidance Ireland - Whether you are a student confused about subject choice for your Leaving Cert or an adult exploring career options, Career Guidance Ireland ( is here to help you. Career Guidance Ireland will help you to know yourself better and discover your own natural talents and skills by using trained interview techniques, a series of analysis and assessment and other means. We offer highly structured career guidance based on your requirements and thus help you formulate your own career plan and achieve your career goals.

What more? If you are someone considering a mid-life career change or are interested in further professional training to add competitive advantage to your CV, you have need guidance. We are here to make things easier for you. Our expert career guidance practitioners are trained to ask you the right questions and prepare a career guidance action plan that helps you make a decision you are comfortable with.

We also help job-seekers in preparing their CV's, undergo mock interviews, suggest appropriate training courses, undertake and evaluate aptitude tests and results and much more. We will help you reach a decision right for you.

Below you will find a number of enquiries from Irish nationals outside Ireland, who are looking to relocate back to Ireland or have just returned and who have reached out to career guidance in Ireland.

Career Guidance Ireland - Adult Career Guidance
'I have worked in Australia for 6 years as a case manager for children in care. I returned to Ireland in February but was unable continue in this line of work due to having no qualification. Most recently I have decided that I may no longer have interest in this field and I am in limbo as to where to go from here or what career I would be interested in. I like to work independently and hope to one day own my own business.'

Career Guidance Ireland - Adult Career Guidance
'I am a qualified electrician but when I qualified the recession had begun and it was hard to get work. So up joining an agency and ended up working in warehousing I did that for over a year I went travelling to Australia when I returned I had no electrician experience and work was still hard to come by so I have worked in warehousing and general operative work in different areas since. I am eager to change career and earn more and gain a more stable job.'

Career Guidance Ireland - Adult Career Guidance
'Recently returned after a year and a half in New York. Have a bachelors from Trinity in History and political science. Essentially want to explore my options re masters programs or employment. Also CV advice.'

We have several registered career guidance practitioners all over Ireland with years of experience in guiding students and professionals towards their dream career path. For a list of Career Guidance Ireland practitioners, see this link.

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