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Working Abroad – The recent Times Higher Education (THE) rankings on world University ‘reputations’ was worrying reading for not just our educational sector but the Government’s assertions that Ireland is well positioned for international inward investment and is in the process of a knowledge based economic recovery, without any Irish University in the world reputation ranking??  With many Irish graduates leaving Ireland, how are our qualifications recognised abroad?


It should be pointed out that the Times Higher Education reputation ranking is based on the views of 17,000 academics around the world, and not the views of perspective employers.  However the findings should not be ignored by Government who have the power and perhaps the resources to impact our educational reputation abroad.  University reputation no doubt has an impact on the job selection process, for example the University of Cambridge, with a third place ranking had an unemployment rate under 5% for their 2010 graduates, reputation is obviously important.


Despite the current University reputation rankings, the Irish educational system has a long and trusted reputation.  World class companies such as Google, Pfizer, EMC, Microsoft, etc. would not locate in this country if Ireland did not have the technically trained graduates to facilitate their growth expectations.  So, are Irish Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications respected around the world, without any question our educational awards travel very well.


Working Abroad – Professional Qualifications

Most professional qualifications are now internationally respected and when considering such qualifications, research the international implications and reputation of the programme.  Does the qualification travel?  We live in a global society and no employee can afford to ignore the growth in global opportunities.  Your career may well take you away from Ireland and you should be prepared for that potential scenario.


Working Abroad – Looking at options abroad – your job search

There are many private companies such as Global Visas who now offer recruitment/visa type services before you leave Ireland.  Liam Clifford from Global Visas says that,  ‘Naturally it’s best to start the search as soon as possible – we can help our clients start job-hunting before they’ve moved, and we work with a number of recruitment companies to try to ensure that they have a job offer before moving or very soon afterwards. This really alleviates a lot of the stress and worry about going through a move to another country, and not knowing how long savings need to stretch for.’


Working Abroad – Pay Rates Abroad

Liam also provides this advice regarding pay rates: ‘pay rates largely depend on where you are, what you do, and where you are moving to. Australia, for example, has a massive need for skilled workers and the remuneration within certain industries will be very generous when compared with Ireland. When comparing pay rates, you also need to bear in mind living expenses; sometimes you may look at the salary and decide that it is too low, but if the living expenses are lower as well, you could end up considerably better off in real-terms.”  Research your options early, plan in advance and try and seek a position before you leave the country which will relieve an awful lot of stress.


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, MSc., BSc., QCG is the founder and MD of  He can be contacted on


Published in The Metro April 2012


Working Abroad

Working Abroad