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Top Language Jobs – A Greek born 20 year old English student from Oxford University, Alex Rawlings, recently won an award for the most multilingual student in Britain.  Astonishingly Alex speaks 11 languages fluently.  Alex had the advantage of having parents of different lingual backgrounds which obviously provided the natural practice and experience of continuously training his mind.  Alex’s Mother is Greek, who spoke to him in English, Greek and some French, he currently studies German and Russian at Oxford, and this year he is spending 8 months living and immersing himself in Russian culture.  He picked up Dutch using CD’s and books, and from Dutch he ventured onto Afrikaans to investigate how Dutch formed into another language.  The enjoyment he takes from languages was inherited and encouraged from an early age by his parents and his living environment.


Top Language Jobs – Irish

Many language courses in Irish Universities accept students with at least one language on top of Irish and English.  Learning a new language from ground zero is the norm when studying a languages course at third level along with the language you sat in the Leaving Certificate – this should not be considered a barrier.  Most students who speak English, Irish and another language have no real issue learning a new language, their train of linguistic thought has been programmed from an early age and they usually have high enjoyment levels towards languages.


Top Language Jobs – Spend Time Abroad

Any perspective language student should investigate the programmes delivery, for example the Applied Languages BA at Limerick UL students spend time abroad immersed within the culture and the language. Kerrie McGuinness a graduate of the Languages course in UL spent a year in a co-op placement in Costa Rica working as a dive master dealing with American customers and her co-workers who spoke Spanish.  Kerrie did not study Spanish in secondary level however she did have a joy for languages and the confidence to take on another language.  Perspective students of language courses must research the depth and the style of the course delivery; some courses offer a greater depth of literature, history and cultural language learning and others courses focus more on the language itself.  The points for Language courses are around the 400 mark and most offer a year’s language work placement and some offer Erasmus exchanges.  The key is to research the course structure and decide what is best for you.


Top Language Jobs – Post Graduate

Certainly a languages undergraduate degree leaves the student open to many options upon graduation – the student should have a greater  level of ‘self-awareness’ and the choice of post graduate course will be of immense importance in terms of employment prospects and career fulfilment.  However if you are sure which job sector you wish to work in upon graduation, you can choice many combined Language and specific sector options, for example, Marketing with Languages, Languages & International Tourism, Business & Languages.


Top Language Jobs – Comment

Finally, in Ireland we have a unique opportunity to make Ireland a truly dual language society, facilitate better job opportunities for our graduates and increasing export trade.  Every primary school should be modelled on Gaelscoil’s, which would grow our language at an early stage in learning, train our neural patterns towards dual language learning and free learning time at secondary level for other more commercial languages.


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Top Language Jobs

Top Language Jobs