The Graduate CV

Throughout the job selection process, there is only one stage of that process where you the prospect (the candidate) has control. Don’t waste the opportunity to take control. Your Graduate CV allow you to take a degree of control. So, don’t blow it!!! Your Graduate CV has got to be perfect. In the blog post we will talk about how to sell yourself within a Graduate CV and help you get shortlisted for the interview stage of the process.


The Graduate CV – Selling Yourself


It is said that the best sales professionals ask more questions, and in order to sell yourself you must ask yourself certain questions. What are my best experiences, what are my relevant skills and competences? Don’t be shy, reserved or unassertive. Sell yourself…tell them how great you are, unashamedly (at the same time maintaining the integrity of your CV!).   So, stand tall and sell yourself.


On a note of caution, don’t overdo it, be balanced. Too much ‘perfume’ is overbearing and a turn off!!!


Turning a Negative in a Positive


Remember if you cannot say something in a positive way, consider not saying it at all. Within every role you had, list your achievements and try and add a value to that achievement. If you saved time with a process improvement, how much time? If you got more people to join a club in University, how many more, what percentage? Demonstrate your ability, how did you manage to do that?


Wacky Graduate CV ’s


Avoid them. The key is to reduce or eliminate any risk. Making your CV wacky in some way of another is asking for trouble. Keep the general layout standard. Avoid strange fonts, use white paper if you are posting your CV and Cover Letter, or within the interview itself (always carry a number of copies with you to your interview in a CV brief).


If you don’t know where to start and you would like a professional to compose your Graduate CV, see our Graduate CV writing link. We will produce a top class Graduate CV which will gainer attention.  Or check out this illustration!!!!


What really happened to your CV!!!

Your CV!!!!


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG