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Resume Services – For anybody who doesn’t know, Resume (résumé  resumé, and resume) is a French word which means ‘summary’ or ‘synopsis’, and in terms of a CV which means ‘course of lie’, you could say that a résumé is a summary of your professional life.

Why are Resume Services popular in Ireland


Well, the reality is that there are countless American companies in Ireland, and there is a large percentage of employees within these companies who are American.  They are looking to upgrade their CV, perhaps they want to go back home to the US or they are applying for an internal position.  They are looking for impartial qualified help with their résumé and don’t have the time or the knowledge to really sell themselves properly.


The term Resume is also commonly used in Canada and Australia.


Resume Services – How do résumé’s differ from CV’s?


Well, there isn’t much of a difference to be honest.  The best practice is typically the same, nice format and layout (including plenty of white space) – make it easy to read and allow your reader to quickly pick out the key selling points.


Don’t be vague, get to the point and think about the reader, what knowledge and skills and passions do you have that will add value to the company, to fill the particular role you are applying for.


Use bullet points, action verbs, think MBA type talk!  Its not easy to compose a Resume, it not something you do every year and some people find it difficult and a little uncomfortable to talk about their achievements.  Well, we can help.  At we are a first class resume services provided throughout Ireland.  Check out this Resume Services link and we will produce a first class Resume and provide you with a competitive advantage that will allow you to get that interview, that you may not land.

Resume Services

Resume Services