Professional Resumes

Professional Resumes – If you are in the process of building a professional resume or searching for example of professional resumes, you may find this skill assessment of value.  This professional resume exercise will allow you to successfully and effectively articulate skills you possess and how and where you have used these skills. Also you will have started to consider which you enjoy using most and where you might improve or develop going forward.


Professional Resumes – Skills Assessment

Read through and think about the list of skills below.



Adapting Controlling Driving Guiding Launching
Administering Co-Ordinating Editing Handling Conflict Leading
Advising Coping Educating Helping Learning
Analysing Counselling Empathising Illustrating Lecturing
Appraising Creating Empowering Implementing Liaising
Articulating Cultivating Enforcing Improving Lifting
Assembling Customer Service Estimating Improvising Listening
Auditing Decision Making Evaluating Influencing Presenting
Briefing Delegating Examining Informing Managing
Budgeting Demonstrating Experimenting Improvising Marketing
Building Detailing Explaining Initiating Measuring
Calculating Detecting Facilitating Innovating Mediating
Classifying Developing Filing Inspecting Memorising
Coaching Diplomacy Finalising Inspiring Managing
Collaborating Directing Financing Installing Managing People
Communicating Dissecting Fixing Interpreting Mentoring
Computing Documenting Forecasting Interviewing Modelling
Constructing Drafting Generating Ideas Inventing Motivating
Consulting Drawing Growing Plants Judging Negotiating
Networking Operating Ordering Organising Painting
Persuading Piloting Pioneering Planning Precision
Prioritising Problem Solving Procuring Promoting Proofreading
Public Speaking Publicising Purchasing Quantifying Raising Animals
Reconciling Recruiting Relationship Building Repairing Report Writing
Representing Researching Risk Assessment Scheduling Selling
Setting Objectives Simplifying Sorting Structuring Summarising
Supervising Teaching Testing Team Building Time Management
Training Trouble Shooting Using Tools Versatility Visualising
Winning Working to Deadlines Working under Pressure Writing  


Professional Resumes – Instructions for the Assessment


  1. Choose 5 to 10 skills you feel you possess, please add any you feel are missing from the list.
  2. Highlight them in a colour of your choice.
  3. Place an ‘X’ beside skills you feel you really wish to use in the future, or those you enjoy using most.
  4. Next, choose skills you feel you would like to develop or develop further and highlight them in a different colour.
  5. Write down concrete examples of WHEN, WHERE and HOW you have used all the listed skills, whether occasionally or regularly.


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Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, QCG


Professional Resumes

Professional Resumes