Professional CV Writing

Professional CV Writing – I’ve been on a number of forums and I see the same question being asked ‘Professional CV Writing are they worth it?’  Well, I am entitled to be a little biased, and my opinion is obviously yes!!


My outlook is simple, if you aren’t good at something and its affordable to get someone else to do the job.  Then outsource.  Your time is precious and if you decide to compose your own CV, well you run the risk of not getting that job, that ideal job….There are other reason why you should engage with a professional CV writing company, here is my ‘unbiased’ list!!!!


Professional CV Writing – The Benefits


  • Saves you time….time which you can focus on interview preparation, company research and upgrading your knowledge levels, such as online study, short courses, etc.
  • Reduces the risk that your CV will be inadequate and which may not get noticed
  • A Professional CV Writing company can tailor your CV to match the requirements of the job
  • You can use your time effectively to attend career events, job fairs, networking and also initial meetings with recruitment agencies
  • You can use your time to organise your job search
  • Design and Draft your ‘Reason for Leaving’ statement
  • Develop your job search action plan


We believe at in today’s labour market a candidate must be creative and strategic in terms of designing and disseminating a CV.  Not everyone will possess these skills, so, engage with a Professional CV Writing company.


Remember the job acquisition is a twostep process, firstly, you have to be able to sell yourself on paper (or through networking) and then the interview will kick in.  Without a creative and strategic CV you will not get that opportunity to display your skills and body of knowledge at the interview stage.


Should you outsource your CV to the professionals and a Professional CV Writing Company.  I wouldn’t take that risk.  See our Professional CV Writing CV link.


Professional CV Writing

Professional CV Writing