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Professional CV Services Dublin – The key to a very good CV is to showcase your key achievements and place those achievements that relate to your career area and the type of job you are seeking.  Think about the achievements you have made in your career and then document those stories – work experience stories.


Professional CV Services Dublin – Context – Actions – Results

Consider the context, the challenge or circumstance encountered – what was the problem and what issues did you experience?

What actions did you do to take to resolve the problem or make that accomplishment?

Result obtained and if possible quantified whenever possible.  When I say quantified results, statements such as: ‘sales increased by an average of….’, ‘I was promoted twice within….’


Professional CV Services Dublin – Work Experience Stories

So, think the context, the actions taken and the results obtained regarding each work experience story and document these scenarios.  By documenting these stories they will not only aid your CV composition but provide you with confidence for your interviews and a great revision resource when the time comes.

Aim to document six to ten work experience stories.  And as a guide you can use the beginning of these sentences, which may help your memory!

  • I completed….
  • I developed…..
  • I solved….
  • I created….
  • I implemented…..
  • I saved……


If you are struggling to think about accomplishments, ask yourself have you:

  • Received any awards, either professionally speaking or within a club or association?
  • Improved efficiency or operations?
  • Did you help implement change or new technology hat lead to……
  • Accomplished more in less time or with less resources or on a reduced budget?
  • Did you drive or pioneer new ideas or systems that benefitted the company?


As you are reading this blog post, you can start to feel that you in fact have a great CV at your fingertips. These are the kinds of questions a qualified career guidance counsellor and our CV writing staff ask.  They get the best out your career to date and present it on paper, on your CV.


So, if you are looking for a Professional CV Services Dublin, look no further.  See our Professional CV Services Dublin link and we will help you land that position.


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, QCG

Professional CV Services Dublin

Professional CV Services Dublin