Private Career Guidance

As discussed earlier, the mass career guidance market is serviced by the State. However there is an ‘individuals pay’ private career guidance market. It is important to understand why this demand exists and to try and realise what weaknesses are currently present in a State driven career service that the private sector appears to address.


Technology and the Private Career Guidance Client


Hooley et al. (2010, UKCES Study, p36) refers to the private career guidance sector as the ‘individual pays’ segment of the market. Hooley et al. raises the question as to ‘whether new technologies increase or decrease the likelihood of private profitability in the delivery of career services’. Hooley et al. claim that the ‘Internet is providing a cheap route to market that previously did not exist. Whether this has resulted in an increased use of “individuals pay” services by individuals is not clear. What is evident however is that “individuals pay” models remain confined to niche areas of the career support market both in the UK and in other comparable countries’. The research will either qualify Hooley et al. assertions, counter his argument or perhaps identify an increased trend towards the popularity of the ‘individuals pay’ and private career guidance market.


The final section of the literature review pays attention to the Economic and Social benefits of career guidance and its greater social importance to society, the labour market and the economy.


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Private Career Guidance

Private Career Guidance