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Post Graduate and Growth Sectors: According to the Head of Careers at DIT the six major industry growth areas in Ireland include ICT, Accounting and Auditing, Innovation and Intellectual Property Related Enterprises, Green Sector Jobs, Business Services and Medical/Health.


Companies within these sectors all need to be profitable, strategically managed and well run, ergo the importance of business and management skills, knowledge and qualifications should not be ignored.  In fact, the latest Expert Group on Future Skills Needs report, identified management as a skills shortage, some examples being IT project managers, ICT professionals with business development skills and managers within the sectors of marketing, industry specific sales/procurement (e.g. bio-pharma) and financial.


Shortages and Opportunities


Employers are finding it difficult to source employees with management and business knowledge, it is evidently clear that there are opportunities for employees and job seekers with the requisite management and business skills and qualifications.


Undergrad Options


The key when deciding what management or business sector to specialise in is to focus on the six growth areas and management, for example, to address the ICT sector, ‘Information Systems Management’ at Tallaght IT or Environmental & Natural Resource Management’ at LIT Tipperary which addresses the Green sector.  This mix of sector knowledge and business/management skills will increase your probability of employment upon graduation.  If you are unsure of your preferred industrial sector and you are certain you want a career in business and management, do a straight degree in either discipline or merge both, for example NUI Maynooth deliver an undergraduate degree in Business and Management.


When you are more self aware and as you enter the final year of your undergraduate degree research the growth sectors again and match your desires, qualities and aptitudes towards the recognised growth sectors, thus realigning your career  towards increased employment prospects.


Post Graduate Options


There is a common misconception that you must have an undergraduate degree to gain entry to a post graduate course, nonsense.  For certain post graduate courses an undergrad is required however for many business and management post graduate courses your industrial experience, maturity and personal drive to succeed bypass the traditional undergraduate qualification requirement.


Post Graduate Entry


You may have to sit an entry exam, submit a written assignment and/or attend an interview.  If you are a mature professional and are considering a course of study and are offered a Post Graduate course versus a four year undergraduate course, take the post graduate option as you will have a higher level of qualification and the course duration will usually be one year full time or two years part time, the Post Graduate option is also cheaper.


Personal Qualities


The qualities required to become a successful manager or business person are typically a good influencer with a slightly dominant personality within a work setting, good communicator, ability to delegate, juggle a number of issues and the ability to make objective decisions, while being assured and decisive.  Psychometric testing is an extremely affordable assessment tool which can aid a decision on whether a career in business and management is a fit for you.


The Metro – March 2012


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG

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