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Personality Test – In our previous blog post we looked at leaving cert subject choice and we left the post with a slight introduction to aptitude tests and personality testing related to leaving cert subject choice.


Personality Test and Psychometric Testing


Having undertaken a Career Investigation exercise, next students should look at where their skills lie with career aptitude tests or personality testing, general observation of self, observation by others (parents, friends) and so on.

Time and effort needs to be put into this because what ever path a student chooses must be taken as an informed individual. Other questions students need to ask of them selves are; which subjects do I like?  Am I likely to get good grades? Which subjects go together? Which subjects will give me a good balance of skills? Will some subject’s choices restrict my career options too much?  Is there much written work involved? Is there a project to be done?  Aptitude or a personality test can help here.


Next the student will ask themselves how I am as a person. Do I relate well to people, ideas and things? Do I like to work alone or part of the group? Crucially the student asks what other skills and talents have I? Singing? Dancing? Sport? And so on. With the encouragement of their Career Guidance teacher and the whole school the  student needs to try to identify the specific, knowledge skills and attitudes required in their area of interest and how they measure up to these?  Again, Aptitude or a personality test can help at this stage in the process.


Psychometric Testing or a Personality Test – The Guidance Practitioner

We must advise students about why they want to study particular subjects and where are they leading to.  It is important to point out to students that many CAO choices are not related to specific occupations. The majority of courses are broad based explorations of knowledge and are not career specific. Courses fall into categories such as Liberal Arts, Business, Sciences, Engineering, Law, and Education… We should encourage students to look at these courses and understand what subjects would be required for them.  They should ask them selves the question, Do I like these subjects? Am I good at them? am I interested in studying them at Higher Level? We can advise students about the specific requirements for vocationally specific courses such as Art, Dentistry, Medicine, Medical science, Music, Nursing, Teaching, and Engineering. By taking the time at this stage to build a solid foundation of knowledge on subject choice, hopefully we can avoid the scenario of the Engineering enthusiast with Foundation level maths.


We have a battery of Aptitude or personality tests available to all within this website and also we have the finest career guidance practitioners on the website can help you interpret your personality test results.


“To choose a job is to choose a way of life and to embark on a path of personal development. Certainly, later career opportunities will arise to permit some degree of rethinking and re-direction provided the possibilities and opportunities are opportunely grasped, but never again after the secondary school years will the horizons of direction and choice be so freely and widely accessible”. (Hayes, J., Hopson, B., Heinemann (1972) Career Guidance, The Role of School in Vocational development, London, Educational Books)


Roisin Neylon July 2009

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing