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Economic and Social Benefits of Career Guidance   Career guidance is not only a private good, it is a public good too (Watts, 1998). Bimrose (2006) also states that in a complex labour market, the need for high quality career guidance has never been greater: “Put simply, in the absence of adequate advice and guidance, […]

Careers Ireland

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Careers Ireland

Careers Ireland – Overview of Career Guidance Provisions, Structures and Practitioners in Ireland   Careers Ireland – Career Guidance Ireland – A guidance and counselling service for second-level schools was formally established in Irish schools by the Department of Education in 1966 (Shiel & Lewis, 1993, p5). The Department of Education continues to hold the […]

Aptitude Tests

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Aptitude Tests

Why Aptitude Tests? Sometimes, people want a second opinion and a written, scientifically proven opinion is usually even better! My Father (a career guidance practitioner for 40 years or so) very rarely undertook aptitude tests for clients. He had a talent for placing a person within a career, he could read a personality and match […]

UCAS – Universities and Colleges Application Systems

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Important UCAS POINTS and MILESTONES UCAS is a registered charity and they process over 3 million university and college applications every year. Covers application to 50,000 + courses in over 380 colleges and universities in England , Scotland , Wales and the North of Ireland Typically courses start in September and applications should be made […]

Questions and Answers – Change Career

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Change Career

We continue our questions and answers sessions. Our aim is to help people change career and aid that career transition. If you decide to change career and upskill, how do you decide what course would suit you best?   Course choice is extremely important.  Almost one in four students are dropping out of third level […]

Change of Career – Questions & Answers

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Change of Career

Is it a good idea in the current economic climate to opt for a change of career? When a person considers a change of career, they must take into consideration all responsibilities and commitments. Individual circumstances are different, sacrifices may have to be made, your standard of living may be impacted.   One option is to plan […]

Online Aptitude Test

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Online Aptitude Test

I am a Masters graduate in Career Guidance since 2011 and I’ve been running since 2007, and you could say I’ve seen and heard it all!!! My Master’s dissertation consisted of analysing the type of person seeking career guidance on But I never really analysed the number of candidate that were also seeking […]

Top 10 Interview Questions

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Top 10 Interview Questions

OK, so you have landed an interview. That’s CV did its job! Now, I have to prepare for the actual questions that I may get asked. And you’re thinking, I’ll do a search online and find the top 10 interview questions. And, you found this blog post on – skip the opening paragraph and […]

Interview Tips

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Interview Tips – Likability and Trust   Before I go into a few interview tips, I have to talk a little about myself!! I’ve been employed by some large blue chip companies, I hold a Diploma in Selling and I’ve sold to countless companies and individuals. And there is one recurring theme……..likability and trust. How […]

Interview Questions

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I had an investment interview with the CEO of Alexander Mann Solutions (Rosaleen Blair) and I’ll never forget the first question she asked me, it was probably the question from the top list of interview questions! I’m trained to be a reflective career guidance practitioner, and I went away thinking, interesting first interview question’ from […]