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Leaving Cert Subject Choice

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Leaving Cert Subject Choice

The importance of choosing the right subjects for Leaving Certificate cannot be emphasised enough. How many Career Guidance teachers have met the Leaving Certificate student, hell bent on doing an Engineering course, with higher level Engineering, higher level Construction Studies and foundation level Maths? This is not acceptable. The Leaving Certificate year is not the […]

The Graduate CV – What Prospective Employees Want to see and how you should say it!

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The Graduate CV

Throughout the job selection process, there is only one stage of that process where you the prospect (the candidate) has control. Don’t waste the opportunity to take control. Your Graduate CV allow you to take a degree of control. So, don’t blow it!!! Your Graduate CV has got to be perfect. In the blog post […]

A Professional CV and the Electronic CV (eCV)

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Professional CV

When you are considering a professional CV, you must also consider an Electronic CV means that an otherwise-traditional paper resume is properly prepared for electronically storing, distributing, tracking and searching via the applicant-tracking software many job banks, employers and recruiters use these days.   A Professional CV and the Electronic CV (eCV)   You absolutely […]

How to make a CV standout?

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How to Make a CV

Let’s get straight into how to make a CV standout, get noticed by a prospective employer and land that interview.   How to make a CV standout?   First things first, you must know yourself and the life and professional experiences you have gained. Many people take certain skills and experiences for granted and to […]

How to Write a CV – Part One

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How to Write a CV

OK, I’ll be straight up with you. Stick to what you’re good at and if you are bad at composing a CV, well, outsource it to!! Check out this CV Writing Service link, otherwise, continue reading if you want to know how to write a CV!!!   Step One, How to Write a CV […]

Career Guidance for Adults

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Career Guidance for Adults

Career Guidance for Adults   Within the three year scope of this research, 1214 people have completed a ‘make an appointment form’ in order to seek career guidance for adults. These adults have reached a ‘turning point’ and clearly ‘there is an increase in the number of transitions we all need to deal with’ (La […]

Online Career Guidance

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Online Career Guidance

The internet can improve how people are heard, get educated, earn a living and move up the social ladder (Law, 2010, page v). According to a report by UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) (Dec. 2010) on the role of technology in the career support market, 25% of respondents claimed that they are most […]

Private Career Guidance

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Private Career Guidance

As discussed earlier, the mass career guidance market is serviced by the State. However there is an ‘individuals pay’ private career guidance market. It is important to understand why this demand exists and to try and realise what weaknesses are currently present in a State driven career service that the private sector appears to address. […]

Turning Point

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Turning Point

Turning Point and the Career Guidance Client   Harveven (2000, cited in Gardiner et al, 2009) defined ‘turning points’ as ‘individuals’ subjective assessments of continuities and discontinuities over their life course, especially the impact of special events on their subsequent life course’.   Strauss (1962, cited in Hodkinson & Sparkes, 1997, p39) refers to career development […]

Zone of Proximal Development

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Zone of Proximal Development

ZPD – Zone of Proximal Development   Vygotsky (1978) recognised that a student’s development and learning can be bridged between the ‘actual development level’ and their ‘potential level’ by gradual knowledge gain and the use of scaffolding to support that learning. Learning facilitators can aid the student’s development in the form of teachers and colleagues; […]