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I am a Masters graduate in Career Guidance since 2011 and I’ve been running since 2007, and you could say I’ve seen and heard it all!!! My Master’s dissertation consisted of analysing the type of person seeking career guidance on But I never really analysed the number of candidate that were also seeking the use of an online aptitude test to help their career transition.


Or maybe words of similar connotation to aptitude test. So, I thought I would share some of my findings from the 1214 completed forms from a specific duration.


I referred to this section of my analyses as: Query Field Analysis – Key word search – unhappy, change, decision, decisions, online aptitude test, course, courses, guidance, returning, CAO, further education, job satisfaction, training, etc.


And here are my findings:


Client Career Guidance Keywords

Keywords within Make an Appointment Forms


Employment Terms used:


There are a number of words here that suggest that the clients seeking career guidance relate the service to employment: Job is mentioned 243 times, Jobs – 75 times, CV – 51 times, Employment – 48, Unemployed – 19.


Course Choice Terms used:


Retraining and specifically making course choices appears very high on the agenda of clients: Course – 333, Options – 200, Courses – 158, Study – 118, Training – 42, University – 38, Further Education – 24.


Emotional and Transition Terms used:


It is interesting to take note of the terms used by people seeking career guidance, and the use of such words also hints at how one is feeling emotionally within one’s career: the word ‘Help’ is mentioned 173 times out of 1214 cells, Direction – 161, Guidance – 146, Path – 119, Changing – 29, No idea – 26, Unhappy – 20, Stuck – 16, Not happy – 13.

Transition terms used were: Change – 275,   Path – 119, New – 85, Crossroads – 16, Stuck – 16, Rut – 10.


Finance and income-related terms used:


The inference towards finance was surprising low, suggesting that happiness is of greater importance than financial reward. Finance – 40, Financial – 19, Cost – 20, Money – 13, Grants – 7.

Conclusion – Online Aptitude Test:


Was online aptitude test mentioned at all? I’m not too sure, but I may have missed out on analysing online aptitude test altogether. Just making a quick search on recent enquiries over the past year, we have:


Career Query: I am sitting my leaving cert in 2015 and want some guidance on career choices and what my strengths are. I am also interested in an online aptitude test.


Career Query: I’m searching for a career job at the moment – but I feel as if I lack direction. I’m unsure of what I want to do and where my aptitudes lie.


Career Query: Hi I work in IT but am thinking about moving into a teaching career. I would like to do an online aptitude test and to find out which career I am most suited to.


Career Query: I am currently working in the Tourism industry in an entry level Business development position. I graduated with a 2.2 BA in Economics & Sociology in 2010 but am unsure of where to go in my career next as I am unhappy with the area I am in at present but don’t have a particular direction in mind. I would like some advice, an online aptitude test and information on available options if possible. I believe returning to study is probable, whether part time or full time.


It’s interesting to note what people relate career guidance to and certainly aptitude tests are a part of that common perception.


If you would like to undertake an online aptitude test, see the online aptitude test link.


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG