Mature Student???

So, you’re a mature student, well you think you might be! Let’s be clear then, in this State, a mature student is classed as a candidate who is at least 23 years of age on 1 January of the year of entry or re-entry to an approved course. Not all course providers adhere to this stipulation so it is advised that you contact directly the course providers Admissions Office and/or a Mature Students Officer to provide specific support for mature students.


How might a Mature Student apply to go to College?


If you are a mature student as stipulated above, then you must go through the CAO in order to apply to the first year of an undergraduate course. The CAO was founded by The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in order to fairly administer applications. However, the HEI’s do have overriding power on admissions decisions.


It should be noted that some learning institutes stipulate that the mature student must make an application directly to the Institute. Some require an application through the CAO only and some may require both a direct application for entry and an application via the CAO system. Maybe, a little course commitment test at an early stage!!!


In any case, mature student applicants must contact the Admissions Office or Mature Student Officer of the appropriate HEIs, preferably by the 15th December. The earlier the better, you should be aiming to get applications in in November, so maybe a good time to reflect and consider your options is straight after a Summer holiday, when you are fully recharged and had considering time to consider the next step in your career. All CAO applications must be in by the 1st of February.


To Summarise……


A mature student is at least 23 years of age on 1 January of the year of entry or re-entry to an approved course and the deadline for applications is the 1st of February. There is a late application date, but you’re on thin ice there, so aim for the 1st of February. Many HEI’s don’t accept late applications, so don’t take the chance. And you may have to apply to both the CAO and the course provider.


If you are a mature student and you need any help with your career direction, don’t take the chance, reduce the chance of making the wrong decision and make an appointment to see a qualified and impartial career guidance practitioner.


Here is a great link from the CAO for any mature student.

Mature Student

Mature Student