Leaving Cert Subject Choice

The importance of choosing the right subjects for Leaving Certificate cannot be emphasised enough. How many Career Guidance teachers have met the Leaving Certificate student, hell bent on doing an Engineering course, with higher level Engineering, higher level Construction Studies and foundation level Maths? This is not acceptable. The Leaving Certificate year is not the time to find out the correct information on leaving cert subject choice.

Leaving Cert Subject Choice – Motivation, Vision and Career Guidance

I would argue that the greater part of our time should be spent with second years in discussion on what they might do after school and the how their leaving cert subject choice will affect that decision. I also feel that parents should be consulted because they know their own child best. They can see the bigger picture in terms of the child’s ability, ambition, personality, opportunity and financial help available. Nothing is written in stone but by considering their options in Second Year students will at least realise the importance of their subjects and it is also true that students study much better when they understand the reasons behind it and have some objective to work towards.


Career Guidance at this stage can fit in very nicely because it is often the case that second years are the most difficult to manage.  They have gotten over their awe at being in Secondary school and do not have State Examinations to motivate them towards study.  So a lot of them learn disruptive habits due to boredom and lack of vision for the future. Considering their leaving cert subject choice will at least get the students thinking about the end game and why they are getting an education at all.


Career Investigation and Leaving Cert Subject Choice


So what might be taken into account in terms of leaving cert subject choice? To begin with students could do a Career Investigation. They choose an area of work they are interested in and look at what attracts them to it, the nature of the work and the educational requirements. At this stage students could be informed about career groups Manual/Practical, Understanding (Investigative), Artistic (Aesthetic), Social Influencing (Persuasive), Clerical.


Our next blog post will look at Leaving Cert Subject Choice and Aptitude Testing.


Roisin Neylon July 2009

Leaving Cert Subject Choice

Leaving Cert Subject Choice