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Law Careers – It has been well documented that there are currently quite a number of well qualified lawyers who are unemployed, which is a wonder considering the points threshold for Law in Trinity this year was ‘525 Points’ and not all applicants on this points level received an offer.  Its begs the question as to why Law Careers is so popular when there is an obvious over supply of Law graduates and unusually high unemployment levels in this sector.   Last year there were 1,100 solicitors on jobseekers allowance with a further 500 working outside their chosen profession.  Diarmuid Haughian from offers some insight into various derivatives of Law careers and courses offered in Ireland which could add strategic benefits to ones CV and job prospects?


Law Careers – Courses


Law Plus (Undergrad, UL) – the beauty of this course is that you can follow your own interests within Law, the student within this programme in UL can choose from 81 different Law modules.  Allowing you to keep career options open, studying the market/sector trends as you progress through the course and realigning your body of knowledge to take future employment advantage.  It also carries exemptions from The Law Society of Ireland.


Intellectual Property and  E-Law (Post Grad, UCC) – the online market has growth significantly over the past decade and the ICT sector is well represented in Ireland by the large blue chips such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, etc, this course addresses the online and IT legal resources, copyright, patents, trademarks, cybercrime, information law, etc.  The need for Law Graduates in this specific space is only likely to increase in demand.


Comparative Media Law (Post Grad, Independent College, awarding body University West of England) – this area of Law receives an awful lot of attention from media agencies and is certainly a hot topic with regard to super-injunctions, defamation, Information Law and the popularity of social media and the online sector.  A thought provoking course for any journalist or a Law graduate who would like to enter the media side of Law.


Human Rights Law & Transitional Justice (Post Grad, Ulster) – A one year course duration with a full time and part time option, the course is designed for professionals who have an interest in countries which have experienced transition from conflict or authoritarian rule.  You do not need to have a Law degree in order to gain admission to this course and it is a fast track Post Grad Diploma towards working in this unique area of Law.  Graduates could work in policy, research and advocacy roles in both the private and public sector.


To consider a career in Law it is important to reflect on the type of work that is involved and how it fits your outlook toward employment and your career; are you an analytical person, do you like a good debate, are you a good communicator, etc.  The post Grad courses detailed above will certainly enhance your skills and employability prospects however every prospective student should fully research the market, challenge yourself and if you are still unsure make an appointment to see an impartial and qualified career guidance practitioner.


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, MSc., BSc., QCG is the founder and MD of  He can be contacted on


Published in The Metro Sept 2012


Law Careers

Law Careers