What kind of personality/traits does one need to study a language?


I don’t buy this argument. It is not down to personality it’s down to environment. If two languages are spoken in a household the offspring will most likely pick up both languages. Most learning is from our developing years, our youth. The issue is, Irish people’s dependence on the English speaking market. The US and Britain are no longer the market leaders and we as an economy must scenario plan.  Language must be multilingual!


To change the mindset of the Irish people with relation to language skills we must have a two language society. If more Irish people could speak Irish and English, the probability that an individual could pick up another language is increased. The person is more confident and is able to adapt to language learning easier.


There is only one real solution with regard to the growth of Irish and our adaption of other languages, all primary national school should become Gaelscoil’s. Career advice for our government policy makers.

How has the popularity of languages shifted as Irish culture has developed? Is there a greater level of Polish/Chinese etc now being studied, and instead of what?


Language popularity is not down to national cultural demographic, it’s purely market trends. Course providers must fill these courses and if there is no commercial demand from industry, these courses will not be filled. Universities should provide for industry. The emerging markets are, India, Russia, Brazil and China. These are the regions languages the heads of Language Schools should be considering. The challenge for Ireland Inc. is to have available these language skilled graduates, if not we will be left behind.


What are the best languages to study at the moment and why?


The languages that relate to the countries above and German.  Why, Germany is the most powerful market in Europe and the other four are all emerging strong markets.


Are there any languages one should avoid?


Some markets are bigger than others, that is you will have greater opportunity. However any language is a positive.


Is Irish beneficial? Will it ever stand to us?


Global identity is extremely important and the point 5 made above is extremely valid. Which would increase our uptake of language study.


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG