Interview Tips – Likability and Trust


Before I go into a few interview tips, I have to talk a little about myself!! I’ve been employed by some large blue chip companies, I hold a Diploma in Selling and I’ve sold to countless companies and individuals. And there is one recurring theme……..likability and trust. How can you be liked (even further!!) and how do you build trust? These are two fundamental interview tips and focus points that one must address. I’ll delve into these two points in greater depth at a later date. But first I will provide you with a brief summary of some great interview tips.

Top Five Interview Tips


Phone a Friend


Preparation with an edge: You probably know somebody who knows somebody who works for the company. Get on LinkedIn and see if any of your contacts know somebody within the company and ask if its OK for you to call them to get an inside track as to what its like to work there.


Research and Commonality


Ask prior to the meeting who will be present at the meeting and research those persons online, link with them on LinkedIn and see if you can find some commonality that you can use within the first minute of meeting the person. People are comfortable with commonality. Maybe they went to the same university, or you may know somebody who worked in a previous company that you might know…..and so on.



If there is testing involved, there are free psychometric tests online, find them and practice. If you have to present, don’t use notes, use the PowerPoint presentation as your prompt. But you must practice and become word perfect.


Know Why?


KNOW WHY and precisely why, you are the right candidate for the job. Be very clear and concise – practice your response repeatedly.


Three Stories and Examples


Identify three personal key strengths that relate to the position. Prepare stories and examples that apply to the stated position ad your strengths. And practice telling these stories with confidence and a sense of achievement.


Keep an eye on our career guidance blog, as I will be detailing other interview tips that will definitely give you an edge over the competition7


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG


Interview Tips