Interview Skills……Interviewing is an art, not just a skill! Most interviewing career advice focuses on how to answer specific questions, but the best career advice will tell you that the actual interview is just one small part of the experience. Here are some top Interview Skills tips that will help you prepare for the experience.


Interview Skills Top Tip!!!………….Research, Research and more Research!


The invention and easy access and availability of the Internet, means there is no excuse for not researching the company beforehand. The more you know about an employer and the kind of role you are interviewing for, the more accurately you can share experiences that have relevance to the role.


Other good career advice that will prove you’ve done your homework? Read any recent press releases about the organisation and weave this information into your conversation. This will not only show initiative, you’ll also have a good understanding of current issues facing your potential employer.


OK, the points above may not relate to interview skills, but they will allow your interview skills to flow and allow you to express your confidence.


It’s a Two Way Street


Again, most interview skills career advice focuses on the employer and understanding how to respond to their questions. Remember, though, that you are there to understand whether or not YOU want to work for THEM as well. The interview is a good chance for you to learn more about the company. While it’s good to have specific questions prepared, also remember to observe the environment around you when you’re there.


What is the working space like? Is it casual with a friendly buzz, or are people quiet and formal, working with their heads down? Did someone welcome you when you arrived? Did they look happy to be there? If you get the job, will you want to be in this space?


Interview Skills and a Bank of Questions


So, have questions at the ready for the closing part of the interview, remember the employer doesn’t want to hire somebody that won’t fit the company culture. So, have a bank of about 5 to 10 questions. Write them down within your folder and be open. Tell your prospective employers, ‘I undertook some research and I composed a bank of questions’, you covered most, but I know there were one or two I’d like to ask.


Again, maybe not a skill within the interview, but certainly ‘preparation’ and ‘research’ are paramount pre interview skills that should never be ignored.


Remember, with the right preparation, interviewing can be a fun and interesting experience. So, think what PRE interview skills I can undertake??

Interview Skills

Interview Skills


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG