How to Make a CV

Let’s get straight into how to make a CV standout, get noticed by a prospective employer and land that interview.


How to make a CV standout?


First things first, you must know yourself and the life and professional experiences you have gained. Many people take certain skills and experiences for granted and to an extent devalue their valuable experience.


So, what the skills that the jobs requires? Write them down in a table format (such as below) and then provide documented evidence of when you executed that skill be it a social, educational or professional setting. This is showing your prospective employer that would have taken the steps to address the job description. That is the first function how to make a CV standout.



A Sample CV Template - Helping you develop a strong CV

A Sample Template – Helping you develop a strong CV


How to make a CV standout, tip two. Use strong, professional, MBA type language… tells your prospective employer that you are serious candidate. Instead of Work Experience as a heading of a section, use: Professional Experience. Instead of ‘Interests & Activities’, replace it with ‘Achievements and Additional Information’. So, think about others words on your CV that could be ‘upgrading’!! Your second tip on how to make a CV standout.


To your final how to make a CV standout tip for this blog post. So, you have about seven second to make an impression regarding your CV. And your boss may not even see your CV, it may get screened, time is precious! So, you have to grab their attention from the OFF. If you are a graduate specific to the role or have certain knowledge and skills that match the job description, get that information on your CV early. The top of page one. For example, I’m applying for an IT Sales job and this is the top of my CV.


I’m spelling out the fact that I hold a Sales qualification and a Master’s qualification within IT and I state I’m a specialist.  What are the changes a prospective employer will read the rest of my CV?  I’ve increased my changes at least and see the use of the MBA type working: ‘Business Development’ and ‘Specialist’, rather that maybe Sales Professional.  Strong use of descriptive wording, giving your CV that little bit extra.


The Heading of your CV

The Heading of your CV – Attention Grabber!


Keep an eye on our blog, our next blog post will cover more CV related topics…….


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG