Guidance Counsellor

Career Guidance and the Guidance Counsellor

Following on from our previous discussion regarding the role of a guidance counsellor, the discussion continues……


Career Direction and Education


Merging the personality, needs and values with interests, suggesting alternative shortlist of career ideas or areas. A personalized career education programme designed by a career guidance counsellor to help individuals develop an appreciation of relevant career areas.


Postgrad Study/Training Opportunities


If you are not clear about the area of study you want to pursue, but need assistance in finding and applying for a suitable course, career guidance can be of assistance to you.


Job Hunting Programme


This will principally involve effective CV preparing and/or upgrading and other job application correspondence, interview coaching, presentation skills, networking and coaching on how to get your message across effectively.


To work towards a good life, with hope, we need to live by conscious decision making based on sound principles.  Most importantly, choice helps us determine the kind of relationships we have and will have.  Happiness and fulfillment depend on the kind of relationships we have, so learning to make good choices is really important.


Our choices as adults determine who we are and who we will become.  Our work is very important to us, far beyond just making money.  What we do helps develop what we be.  Our work is a place where we make constant choices, as well as needing to make choice to start off.


Quite a lot to take in. Many career guidance clients regard a career guidance counsellor as a reflective sounding board who helps facilitates decision making in a positive manner. So, if you are a young student, graduate or adult and you need any help, reach out.


At we have registered the finest career guidance counsellors in Ireland and the booking and auditing process to match. To make an appointment to see a qualified and impartial guidance counsellor.