Graduate Recruitment Company

Graduate Recruitment Company – We have been providing qualified and impartial career guidance to graduates throughout Ireland since 2007.  Along the journey we noticed a need for a website that catered specifically for graduates.  Helping graduates make the leap from a University student to the commercial work.


We also manage to help undergraduate select appropriate post graduate study.  We are a graduate recruitment company that cares.  Cares that graduates find the most appropriate job that suits their aptitudes, their knowledge, their potential and their career goals.


If graduates need help with CV writing, cover letter composition, interview skills or help facing the graduate assessment centres – we have the qualified, impartial and client centred career guidance practitioners at hand all over Ireland. If you are a growing company and are seeking a graduate recruitment company to promote your positions and opportunities, we can help.  Contact us today and we can profile your company and your jobs, for as little as 500 euro per year.  Under 50 euros per month!


A Graduate Recruitment Company with a slight difference!

To summarise as a graduate recruitment company we provide great exposure on a website that tries to make a real and tangible difference – getting the right graduates on the right career path and into the right positions.  So, your support is more than welcome and being associated with this website can only benefit you’re company profile, which will be seen by graduates all over Ireland! Contact the team at: or 00353-1-5397207.


To summarise, we are primarily a graduate recruitment company with a difference!  We also manage an independent network of the finest career guidance practitioners in Ireland, for all types of individuals and professional.  Our Career Guidance Practitioners cover every county in Ireland.  All career guidance sessions are audited through our automated feedback questionnaire.  All career guidance sessions are conducted in and outside of normal business hours, including weekends to suit the client and practitioner


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG


Graduate Recruitment Company

Graduate Recruitment Company