Graduate Programmes – From 2014 to 2015, the number of graduate programmes in Ireland doubled. And the reason is obvious, economy growth in Ireland and a large influx of American multinationals taking advantage of, well, lets me honest….our extremely favourable corporate tax system, money talks! Now, there are other positives and strategic location factors, such as language, education, population demographics, gateway to Europe, security, and so on.


Graduate Programmes in Ireland


As you can imagine with so many multinational companies in Ireland, subsequently there are many graduate programmes in Ireland! And 2016 is forecasted to be yet another good year for the Irish economy, Ireland is a great place to be a graduate at the moment. The recent ERSI forecast of 4.8% growth in 2016 should have a positive knock on effect on the number of graduate programmes in Ireland.


Now, there is an elitist, snobby and blatantly un-educated bias towards graduates from UCD and Trinity by some multinationals and even Irish companies such as the The Summit. I suppose Paddy Cosgrose the CEO of The Summit spoke the truth, I know for a fact when American multinationals come to Ireland and set out their selection criteria for their Graduate Programmes, they seek out graduates from the higher placed University on the Times Higher Education list. Fair enough, when you consider the number of applications these companies receive, there has to be some sort of filtering system. However, it is blatant educational discrimination. And let me tell you now, it does exist. So, what can you do to bypass this perceived disadvantage and get onto a Graduate Programme that provides you with a great platform for your potential.


We will be writing a new blog shortly on the Silent Graduate Programmes, so keep an eye on our blog.


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Diarmuid Haughian, MA Career Guidance, QCG


Post Script:

The problem with Paddy was his selection criteria and subsequent comments came when he was a board membership of the Higher Education Authority! He had to go, and well…he went! But, let me be honest, he was only speaking the truth. Many American graduate programmes offer the same criteria. Less said perhaps!


The irony of many of these tech multinationals is that many founders dropped out of School or University – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Microsoft, etc…..


Graduate Programmes

Graduate Programmes