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Graduate Jobs Dublin – When I completed my first master’s degree at Strathclyde University in Business Information Technology Systems, I applied for one job in Scotland with Morgan Stanley. To be honest, I didn’t really want the job, in fact, I had left Scotland and they paid for my flights to interview in Scotland. Subconsciously I didn’t even want to be there and I fell at the first hurdle! Really, I wanted to search for Graduate Jobs in Dublin  and not head back to Scotland. Ireland was really starting to kick into gear, it was the turn of the millennium and there was some serious momentum within the Irish economy at the time.


Graduate Jobs Dublin


But I did take some good experience away from my interview with Morgan Stanley, I got familiar with the graduate recruitment process, the questions that I was asked. Ironically, I was asked a scenario question around the area of ethics, ‘I knew my boss was partaking in illegal activity’, what steps I should do: A, B and C. I would talk to my fellow peers who were going through the same process with BT, Scottish Widows, Anderson Consultants, PWC, the usual’s. If you were a fruit what one would you be? How about a product in a supermarket, which one would you be, and why? Some strange questions. I suppose they were trying to test your reaction to a strange question. Measure your ‘measured’ response and behaviours!


Anyway, off I went back home to Wicklow to search Yahoo (Google wasn’t king at that stage!) for ‘Graduate Jobs Dublin’, and so, I ended up pitching my CV at CPL (Computer Placement Limited). CPL had a strong foothold in the IT space, and it was the starting blocks that kicked off their growth, the IT sector. My background was IT, so it was a good fit. They also represented many blue chip clients in Dublin and were a great source for ‘Graduate Jobs Dublin’ at the time.


And so, I got short listed for interview with Colgate Palmolive in Citywest for their graduate programme. They were taking on 4 graduates and I landed the role with the Manufacturing/Production Planning section of their SAP ERP. The interview consisted of a HR interview, the hiring manager interview, a group interview, a group session which was observed with at least 10 Colgate Palmolive employees. The process if I was recall was a full day and a half, the half day was a Saturday morning!!


Anyway, I got the job, was I in the right job? Hell no. Did I enjoy myself, not really. Did I learn from it? Yes. I have nothing negative to say about Colgate Palmolive, there were brilliant. I was in the wrong job, as simple as that.


Guess what, while I was working at Colgate Palmolive, I bought this domain name (in 2001)! The rest is history.


I was never going to be a systems analyst….so, what could have help me find the most appropriate Graduate Jobs in Dublin at that stage in my life? Career Guidance ofcourse and also if I had of taken some aptitude and psychometric tests that may well have steered me in a career direction that help my future as an entrepreneur!


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Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG