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Grad Jobs……..the search starts!  So, the time has come, you’ve have your ball at University, an IT or a College and the bills need to be paid!!!  The student loans must be addressed and its time to think about Grad Jobs and Grad Opportunities.  What is your next step?  How much can I earn?  What prospects might these Grad Jobs offer my future career?  All these promising questions!!!


Grad Jobs – The Assessment Centre


But first, if you want to land your first graduate job, or get a number of Graduate Job offers you will most likely have to pass and go through the assessment centre stage of graduate selection…, please….not more exams and tests!!!  Yes….many graduate recruiters insist on assessment centres and I suppose its a good way of filtering the selection numbers.  They are here, its a fact of the graduate recruitment process.


So, how do you manage assessments centres?  Below are some tips which should help you cope with assessments centres and increase the probability that you may land that first preference Grad Job!

  • If you are ever unsure are the test administrator
  • Read the Test Instructions and Don’t skim over them – understand the process completely
  • Highlight the key instructions of the question types – the command words – the words that tell you what you have to do
  • Work quickly and accurately
  • Don’t dwell on questions you are finding difficult – leave and go back
  • Don’t guess answers, if you are unsure, reason with the suggestions and pick the most reasoned choice
  • Return to unanswered questions and and if you have time review all questions
  • Work hard on the assessment and concentrate throughout
  • Stay positive and don’t dwell on a past assessment, you are in the now and staying positive.  Good luck!


If you having difficulty or would like some extra one on one guidance around the area of assessments centres, we have qualified career guidance practitioners all over Ireland who will help you with the Grad Jobs recruitment process.


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Diarmuid Haughian

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Grad Jobs

Grad Jobs