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CV Writing Service Dublin – Over the past year or so many companies have set up European premises in Dublin.  Companies such as, Slack, Hubspot, Intercom, Facebook.  But what are they looking for within your CV?


Well, most people just guess what a perspective employers is looking for.  Within this blog post we will tell you what these companies are looking for on a CV and as a CV writing service in Dublin we will illustrate how we compose a tailored blue-chip professional CV.


Have you got the skills to do the job?  If so, list them and be explicit.  If an employees can avoid the need to train a new employees, great.  Now what can you offer which adds further value to your perspective employer?


What achievements did you make?  In terms of numbers, something statistical, such as: managed and motivated a team of 10 employee to deliver…..which saved the company €50,000 annually.


See in the example above the use of powerful descriptive words, such as ‘delivered’, ‘managed’, ‘motivated’ – there are many words you can use such as: Detecting, Financing, Team Building, Simplifying, Persuading – the key is to integrate these types of words into real life professional examples.


CV Writing Service Dublin – What Employers Want?

Employers don’t want a lifestory, they want someone to fit the role and delivered the required results.  Don’t make excuses, perhaps you might not have some practical experience in a certain area, however, you have the academic knowledge to fill that gap.  And stress your academic and learning qualities, your ability to accept you needed to brush up in the area and you addressed the area for development by undertaking a part time certificate in……and so on.


Are you proud of your CV and your work?  Does your CV present an air of ‘professional honour’, does it come across in your CV?  If not, outsource your CV composition to the experts at


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, QCG


CV Writing Service Dublin

CV Writing Service Dublin