Graduate Cover Letter

Cover Letter


Cover letters are the key to effective marketing. Having identified your objectives and designed your CV you now need one further piece of marketing literature and then you are ready to launch your product (YOU) onto the market.


A cover letter is the most effective method to prompt a recruiter to read your CV.


A well-worded letter demonstrates that you understand all the features and requirements of the job you are applying for.


The cover letter allows you to explain why you want to work in that area, and shows how your skills, experience and achievements match the vacancy.


Cover letter template – in response to an advert in a newspaper


  • Start with your interest in the job
  • Market yourself – what you have to offer in terms of skills and achievements
  • Give some more detail about your job
  • Tell then what you hope will happen next



Cover Letter – Sample cover letter for a job advertised in the newspaper



14 Newcourt Drive, Rathmoore, Co. Limerick

Tel: (080) 123 1234  Home (001) 122 221



Mr. Declan Brown – Managing Director

Brown Plastics,

Little Island Business Park,




January 10th, 2011


Dear Mr. Brown,


I read your advertisement for a Senior Chemist in the Irish Examiner with a great deal of interest. I am writing to apply for this challenging role because I believe that I have all the skills you require for this role. I am enclosing a complete CV outlining my professional qualifications and achievements for your review and consideration.


As you read my CV, I am sure you will see that my qualifications should allow me to add hugely to the overall efficiency and productivity of Brown Plastics’ R & D efforts through the application of various process methods. By training your R&D chemists in empirically-based experimental design, plant layout modelling can be implemented with much greater precision and consistency. In my previous role as Senior Chemist with Shannon Innovation Plastics, I developed and implemented a Styrofoam extrusion process that recycled 75% of the waste products and resulted in a 20% increase in productivity and savings of €120,000 in 2005.


My academic experience includes a Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry and over 20 years research and development experience working in three competitor companies. I am a thoroughly conversant with the design of chemical plant equipment and layout. In my previous role I managed a team of 10 chemists and 8 laboratory and administrative staff.


I would really welcome the opportunity to discuss further how my experience can make an immediate difference to the success of Brown Plastics. I will call within the next couple of days to determine your interest and, if appropriate, to arrange for a personal meeting at your convenience.


Yours sincerely,


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Diarmuid Haughian – MA Career Guidance, QCG


Cover Letter

Cover Letter