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Assessment Centres and Graduate Jobs

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Grad Jobs

Grad Jobs……..the search starts!  So, the time has come, you’ve have your ball at University, an IT or a College and the bills need to be paid!!!  The student loans must be addressed and its time to think about Grad Jobs and Grad Opportunities.  What is your next step?  How much can I earn?  What […]

Post Graduate Options

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Post Graduate – Growth Sectors Post Graduate and Growth Sectors: According to the Head of Careers at DIT the six major industry growth areas in Ireland include ICT, Accounting and Auditing, Innovation and Intellectual Property Related Enterprises, Green Sector Jobs, Business Services and Medical/Health.   Companies within these sectors all need to be profitable, strategically […]

Post Grad Courses??

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Post Grad Courses?? Apart from starting employment, the other main option open to you when you finish your degree is to go on to do a post grad course.  But you must first research and question the post grad courses available to you.   You will usually need a good honours degree (2:1 or above) […]

Postgraduate Courses – Best Course for me??

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Postgraduate Courses – Best Course for me?? Ireland has the largest level of adults aged between 30 and 34 with tertiary level qualifications, 49% of this cohort have completed a postgraduate courses of sorts in 2011 according to an EU education report.  In fact, according to a CSO report in late 2011 the number of […]