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Language Jobs – The ‘Future’ Employment Importance of Languages

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Language Jobs

Language Jobs – The Irish educational system is currently failing to provide equal chance, equal access and share.  Graduate employment opportunities with global employers in Ireland are seeking multi-lingual employees in order to service their clients on mainland Europe.  Unfortunately our educational system is not producing multi-lingual graduates.  In a recent 25-country survey which captured […]

Top Language Jobs – Career Guidance

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Top Language Jobs

Top Language Jobs – A Greek born 20 year old English student from Oxford University, Alex Rawlings, recently won an award for the most multilingual student in Britain.  Astonishingly Alex speaks 11 languages fluently.  Alex had the advantage of having parents of different lingual backgrounds which obviously provided the natural practice and experience of continuously training […]

Language and Career Guidance

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What kind of personality/traits does one need to study a language?   I don’t buy this argument. It is not down to personality it’s down to environment. If two languages are spoken in a household the offspring will most likely pick up both languages. Most learning is from our developing years, our youth. The issue […]

Careers Advice and Languages

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Careers Advice and Languages   Careers Advice: Why is it important to study languages nowadays? What are the benefits of doing so?   There were almost 11,000 jobs created by foreign companies in Ireland in 2010 and that figures has certainly risen over the past five years. Mainly due to our countries continued almost zero […]