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Assessment Centres and Graduate Jobs

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Grad Jobs

Grad Jobs……..the search starts!  So, the time has come, you’ve have your ball at University, an IT or a College and the bills need to be paid!!!  The student loans must be addressed and its time to think about Grad Jobs and Grad Opportunities.  What is your next step?  How much can I earn?  What […]

Top 10 Interview Questions

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Top 10 Interview Questions

OK, so you have landed an interview. That’s CV did its job! Now, I have to prepare for the actual questions that I may get asked. And you’re thinking, I’ll do a search online and find the top 10 interview questions. And, you found this blog post on – skip the opening paragraph and […]

Interview Tips

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Interview Tips – Likability and Trust   Before I go into a few interview tips, I have to talk a little about myself!! I’ve been employed by some large blue chip companies, I hold a Diploma in Selling and I’ve sold to countless companies and individuals. And there is one recurring theme……..likability and trust. How […]

Interview Questions

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I had an investment interview with the CEO of Alexander Mann Solutions (Rosaleen Blair) and I’ll never forget the first question she asked me, it was probably the question from the top list of interview questions! I’m trained to be a reflective career guidance practitioner, and I went away thinking, interesting first interview question’ from […]

Career Advice – Spotlight on Interview Skills

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Interview Skills……Interviewing is an art, not just a skill! Most interviewing career advice focuses on how to answer specific questions, but the best career advice will tell you that the actual interview is just one small part of the experience. Here are some top Interview Skills tips that will help you prepare for the experience. […]