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Graduate Cover Letter – A Sample

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Graduate Cover Letter

Graduate Cover Letter – A Sample A Graduate Cover Letter – Start by telling them what you know about the company and why you wish to apply for a job there   Say what you can do for them   Tell them what you have done and how well you have done it   End […] – A Graduate Recruitment Company that cares.

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Graduate Recruitment Company

Graduate Recruitment Company – We have been providing qualified and impartial career guidance to graduates throughout Ireland since 2007.  Along the journey we noticed a need for a website that catered specifically for graduates.  Helping graduates make the leap from a University student to the commercial work.   We also manage to help undergraduate select […]

Graduate Programmes in Ireland

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Graduate Programmes – From 2014 to 2015, the number of graduate programmes in Ireland doubled. And the reason is obvious, economy growth in Ireland and a large influx of American multinationals taking advantage of, well, lets me honest….our extremely favourable corporate tax system, money talks! Now, there are other positives and strategic location factors, such […]

Graduate Jobs Dublin – An Experience!

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Graduate Jobs Dublin

Graduate Jobs Dublin – When I completed my first master’s degree at Strathclyde University in Business Information Technology Systems, I applied for one job in Scotland with Morgan Stanley. To be honest, I didn’t really want the job, in fact, I had left Scotland and they paid for my flights to interview in Scotland. Subconsciously […]

The Graduate CV – What Prospective Employees Want to see and how you should say it!

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The Graduate CV

Throughout the job selection process, there is only one stage of that process where you the prospect (the candidate) has control. Don’t waste the opportunity to take control. Your Graduate CV allow you to take a degree of control. So, don’t blow it!!! Your Graduate CV has got to be perfect. In the blog post […]

Career Advice – Spotlight on Interview Skills

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Interview Skills……Interviewing is an art, not just a skill! Most interviewing career advice focuses on how to answer specific questions, but the best career advice will tell you that the actual interview is just one small part of the experience. Here are some top Interview Skills tips that will help you prepare for the experience. […]

Careers Advice and Languages

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Careers Advice and Languages   Careers Advice: Why is it important to study languages nowadays? What are the benefits of doing so?   There were almost 11,000 jobs created by foreign companies in Ireland in 2010 and that figures has certainly risen over the past five years. Mainly due to our countries continued almost zero […]