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Career Personality Test – Whats Involved & How To Use Them

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Career Personality Test

Career Personality Test or measures may be used to help individuals assess their personal style of relating to people and understanding one’s personality can also help in choosing a suitable occupational setting as well as a particular occupation. There are different dimensions of personality that are measured for example: Reserved: Outgoing More intelligent: Less intelligent […]

Career Aptitude Test & Psychometric Tests

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Career Aptitude Test

Career Aptitude Test & Psychometric tests and inventories are commonly used in career counselling to assess not only attributes relevant to occupational choice, such as occupational interests, work values, aptitudes and personality, but also other components of career development, such as decision-making styles and skills, and career maturity (or psychological readiness for career development tasks). […]

Career Test – Holland Interest Types

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A Career Test – Your Future Job and Your Career Interests Career Test – As you mature and gain experience, you will develop preferences for certain types of work and working environments People who enjoy their jobs usually have an interest in what they do If, for example, you have a genuine interest in working […]

Trait and Factor Theory – Career Guidance Theory Discussed

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Career Guidance Test

Trait-and-Factor Theory is from person-environment fit theories. Parsons, (1909) argued that if you understand the job and the person you can create a fit which is successful, this system relies on reliable data of the job functions, requirements and the person. The career guidance practitioner can ask the client to partake in a career guidance […]

Aptitude Tests

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Aptitude Tests

Why Aptitude Tests? Sometimes, people want a second opinion and a written, scientifically proven opinion is usually even better! My Father (a career guidance practitioner for 40 years or so) very rarely undertook aptitude tests for clients. He had a talent for placing a person within a career, he could read a personality and match […]

Online Aptitude Test

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Online Aptitude Test

I am a Masters graduate in Career Guidance since 2011 and I’ve been running since 2007, and you could say I’ve seen and heard it all!!! My Master’s dissertation consisted of analysing the type of person seeking career guidance on But I never really analysed the number of candidate that were also seeking […]