Careers in Science

Careers in Science – There is much talk from Government, employers and associated professionals bodies regarding a need for more Science graduates and much publicity regarding future job prospects which has lead to an increase in the points requirements for such courses around the country.  Career Guidance practitioner Diarmuid Haughian and founder of investigates some interesting and ‘job ready’ Science courses for Under Graduates around Ireland.


Careers in Science – Some Undergrad Courses

Careers in Science – Pharmaceutical Analysis with Cosmetics (Undergrad, Tralee IT) – An interesting two year Higher Certificate course that will quickly ready you for employment as a laboratory science technician, working in a support capacity in the area of Pharmaceutical Analyses.   If you have an interest in the cosmetic manufacturing sector or related areas such  as food and drinks within a Pharmaceutical context this could be a fast track avenue towards employment after completing the Leaving Cert.  The student also has the option to continued study up to Degree level.


Careers in Science – Science with Nanotechnology (Undergrad, DIT) – Nanoscience is the study of the very small – things at the nanometer (one thousandth millionth of a metre) scale. Consider next generation electronics, computer chips, car paint, inkjet technology and reflect upon the consumer/corporate needs and demand for things small, high quality and cost efficient, there are very high career opportunities in this sector of Science.  This degree is a physics and chemistry degree with a unique focus on nanoscience and nanotechnology, the programme also includes a 7 month work placement providing competitive advantage after graduation and when seeking employment in sectors such as semiconductors and electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, food, agriculture, etc.


Careers in Science – Biosciences with Bioforensics or Biopharmaceuticals (Undergrad, Carlow IT) – A course designed to produce graduates for the modern scientific environment, bioforensics involves examining traces of a biological agent from a variety of sources including crime scenes, environmental investigations, biological, microbiological and medical samples. Biopharmaceuticals Science is specifically designed to prepare graduates to work in the biological products area as well as in other industries using bioprocessing technologies.  The focus of the course is the Bioscience industry and it includes a high practical input with a mandatory industrial placement.  It also contains three exit points throughout the four year programme allowing students maximum flexibility and career choice.


Careers in Science – Science – DNA & Forensic Science (Undergrad, Tallaght IT) – Forensic science is the application of Scientific knowledge and techniques in support of the legal process.  You may think that this course is a fad based on the popularity of ‘CSI’ however the scientific knowledge and analytical skills gathered in the programme can be used in science industries such as diagnostics, food, biotech and other state laboratories.  The graduate may not end up within the legal process but it opens other high prospect job opportunities.


Careers in Science – When considering a career in Science as a young perspective student it is important to reflect on the type of work that is involved on a daily basis, the environment that you will most likely work in, the career progression routes, etc.  Go to open days, speak to former course students, speak to employers at career events, try and gain some work experience while in Transition year, use your network, family, friends, etc, fully investigate your potential future and you will feel comfortable with your career decision.  If you are still unsure make an appointment to see a qualified and impartial career guidance practitioner – see


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, MSc., BSc., QCG, is the founder and MD of  He can be contacted on


Published in The Metro September 2012


Careers in Science

Careers in Science