Careers in Digital Media

Careers in Digital Media – The course structure, composition and content of media courses have seen radical change over the past decade due to the demands by our information and knowledge based society and of course facilitated by technology and the Internet.  What ‘media courses’ should one consider, what type of factors should be explored and how has the working environment changed for media employees?


Careers in Digital Media – The NEW Media Sector and the Future Opportunities


Since the revenues from Internet medium have been gradually eating away at traditional media income streams, media firms have been reducing their labour costs and frequently outsource work to freelance journalists and employees.  Many journalists who have been made redundant are now ‘portfolio’ workers with working lives that are flexible, mobile and portable, ideal if you are seeking a desirable work-life balance however there are downsides such as less income security and reduced employment rights.  Students looking to enter this sector should be aware that the opportunities for permanent tradition media positions in Ireland will be limited and competitively sought after.   There are other practical day to day work considerations when deciding whether a media career is for you, for example: are you entrepreneurial, are you creative and inquisitive, can you work to deadlines, are you comfortable with technology and software applications, have you good communicational skills, etc..


Careers in Digital Media – Opportunities and Diversity


It certainly isn’t all negative for the media industry there are opportunities to diversify for example Simply Zesty an Online PR & Social Media who offer social media marketing, video production, etc was recently bought by UTV and forecasts future global growth.  The former RTE journalist Mark Little established, has attracted investment and is also planning growth.  There are traditional jobs in media, radio, journalism, film and TV however the growth areas appear to be technology based, innovative, online and social media based.  A recent job announcement from stated that their expansion was a response to ‘the explosion in demand globally from customers for advanced converged multiscreen TV, on demand and IP services across the TV, mobile and web’.


Careers in Digital Media – Courses


There is certainly demand for employment however ‘media’ course content must consider the shift in employer needs and customer behaviours.  Technology, new media, innovation and entrepreneurship must be a central consideration when deciding on a specific media course.  DIT offer an MA full time and part time in ‘Digital Media – Creative’ which addresses the computer science and digital side of media, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design also runs a Digital Media Masters programmes with a strong focus on ‘entrepreneurship’ – both courses tick the required boxes and would position any graduate to work in a 21st century media companies like, Sky, UTV,,, etc.


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Published in The Metro March 2012


Careers in Digital Media

Careers in Digital Media