Careers in Business

Careers in Business – According to a Eurostat survey from 2009, 31% of Irish third level graduates received qualifications within the areas of Social Science, Business and Law.  Careers in Business are extremely popular at the moment and while there are many general commerce and business studies courses, Diarmuid Haughian from delves into some of the more unusual business courses which may provide a competitive edge.


Careers in Business – Courses

Careers in Business – ‘Euro Business – Transatlantic Studies’ (Undergrad, DCU ) – DCU’s credit transfer system allows graduates of this course to gain university qualifications from two Universities, from DCU and a University in Western Europe or Boston in the US – an obvious bonus on ones CV.  The course includes two paid work placements one in Ireland and the other abroad, exposing the student to two business cultures and of course the language benefit.  If you have an international business focus, possess a decent grasp of French, German or Spanish, this is an ideal course.


Careers in Business – ‘eOffice Administration Systems’ (Undergrad, UL ) – As the course title suggests, the programme director is directly addressing the need for graduates who can manage and work in an office environment which requires technical skills.  The course covers many tradition business and management modules but with a technical twist, such as Computer Applications, e Communications and Database Systems.   The qualification also keeps the door open as to future career sectors that the student may decide to enter while possessing modern, valuable and relevant employable office skills.


‘Entrepreneurship & East Asian Affairs’ (HDip, UCC ) – it is important to understand the culture, habits and behaviours of consumers and this course directs this need at an Asian perspective.  Combining entrepreneurial ideals and immersing them in the context of an ‘emerged’ marketplace where Irish companies will try and build business relations with.  You can have any undergrad background, Arts, Social Science, etc and complete this course within a year and very quickly become strategically employable.


Careers in Business – ‘International Entrepreneurship Management’ (Post Grad, UL) – this course is aimed at any small business owner in Ireland that has a product or service which has international potential and ambitions.  The knowledge gained will facilitate the business owner to manage and grow a small business internationally.  The course could also open opportunities as a potential business consultant, openings at Enterprise Ireland or local enterprise centres, and companies that trade internationally.


Careers in Business – ‘Executive Leadership’ (MSc., University of Ulster (Irish Times Training) ) – if you are employed in a large company in Ireland and your role requires or could require the collective measurement, management and performance of people, then this course could position you for a management promotion.  The course is targeted at senior executives allowing you to add leadership theory to your leadership qualities.


Careers in Business – ‘Marketing, Consumption and Society’ (MSc., UL) – a Post Graduate marketing course with a difference that covers the fundamentals of marketing but with an explicit focus between marketing and the nature of consumption in contemporary society.  If you have an undergrad qualification and you believe a career in Marketing is for you, this qualification may provide you with an edge, there is certainly a growing need for marketing’s responsibilities to organisations and to society.


Finally, making career decision can be a daunting experience and deciding on the wrong path can be distressing, time consuming and costly, if you need a sounding board consult a qualified career guidance practitioner.


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, MSc., BSc., QCG is the founder and MD of  He can be contacted on


Published in The Metro June 2012


Careers in Business

Careers in Business