Careers Guidance – First of all, can I say this, ‘everybody has a career’ – and the word career stems from two words, journey and race. Sometimes when we reach a transition he need help making that change on our journey.  People who are stuck, need help, need direction, are seeking a lifestyle balance.


First of all, careers guidance is a client centred service, from confidentiality to the needs of the client.  Careers Guidance Counsellor can act as a sounding board, a critical friend as such.  The client and the practitioner work together – it is a two way process.


It’s not the role of a careers guidance practitioner to tell the client what they should do, the answers are usually within the person.  A role of the careers guidance practitioner is to try, using counselling skills such as listening, questioning, etc, to allow the client to open up and then the counsellor has that ability to fit the pieces into a plan.


Careers Guidance can help a person to handle their own transitions and affecting the eventual outcome. Help manage change.


Provide direction, challenge the client, make clients aware of the boundaries, challenges, etc.  Help them make decisions and give the client the confidence and the plan to turn aspirations into a reality.


People who have reached some sort of turning point….require assistance making a career decision.


Why do people normally seek careers guidance or information on how to change their careers?

The word career stems from two words, journey and race.  And sometimes people get lost in the race and find it difficult to discover their personal journeys in relation to career and job satisfaction.  They have reached a transition, have had a bad day and had enough.  They have come to a realisation that change is a must.


Some people need a reassurance from a professional impartial voice, careers guidance practitioners can help people choose jobs.  Peopel need help developing a career plan of action and they may be unsure or question who they are.


Clients need help developing their career – internally within a company they are looking for ways to develop their career, and progress up the ladder, get promoted, change direction.


Clients simply need help selecting a course that is appropriate for them and seek reassurances that the course is for them and that their employment prospects will be good upon completion.


Guidance practitioners are training in counselling skills and are also trained to compose and execute the type of questions which could open up and explore avenues of interest, that the client may not be aware of.  Clients may need help once they have reached a turning point deciding what to leave behind and what to take forward.  They may need help with ‘self-identity’, employability skills and realistic choices.  Or even guidance selecting a course of study.


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, QCG

Careers Guidance

Careers Guidance