Careers Guidance for Adults

Careers Guidance for Adults – As you may know we operate a nationwide career guidance service throughout Ireland for graduates, school leavers and also careers guidance for adults.  Within this blog post we will profile some of the careers guidance for adults queries from clients across Ireland who are 40 years of age or above and seeking career guidance.  These queries will give you a good idea of what type of queries are posed by clients when they complete the online make a career guidance appointment form should give you an idea how we can help.  If you are of any age, seeking careers guidance for adults, you have found the best service nationwide, we can help…….


Careers Guidance for Adults – Sample Enquiries


‘Recent Postgraduate of NUI Galway looking for graduate role. Require preparation for an important interview, looking for Mock interview practice. Job is in Software Development. Job interview is in Galway.’


‘Successfully ran and managed my own tool making workshop for almost 25 years employing up to six toolmakers, currently working as a project engineer for a small local business but would like to further my career or possibly try my hand at something new.’


‘I have reached a crossroads in my career, I find myself stuck at as I can’t seem to find a suitable direction to pursue. While i am willing to train I am not academically minded so a college course is not really an option. I am not particularly career ambitious, I’m just looking to find something I will enjoy doing. I am hoping you may be able to help me find some career paths which suit my experience and interests. ‘
‘I need help and advice in finding employment starting in January. I would like a consultation in person regarding my needs.’


‘Not entirely sure what I want to do next or what jobs I could apply for having been out of college for so long. Just need advice about possible career paths and help with my cv.’


‘I am 51 and looking for help building a new career after 25 years in the hospitality industry.’


‘Using my background and experience, I am trying to get into the sector of managing facilities, with a title of Facilities Administer, F.Coordinator, F.Assistant or F. Manager. I am looking for ways to get my foot on the ladder at whatever level, as this is the sector I am passionate about. With my qualifications, I would be qualified for these listed roles in soft services but I don’t have the experience and I don’t know how to get the experience needed get a job in this field. I have identified the sector, my transferable skills, unskilled and I am very flexible and have few financial and time constraints, but I’m not making any headway through recruitment agencies etc. I look forward to hear from you.’


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG


Careers Guidance for Adults

Careers Guidance for Adults