Career Opportunities

Creating Career Opportunities – Career Decision-Making Process

1. Creating Career Opportunities– Define your Challenge


Think of this as your dream challenge.

I want to:

  • Get promoted
  • Change jobs
  • Find a job
  • Work from home
  • Work part-time
  • Find a job in Europe
  • Work for a Not for Profit organisation
  • Start a business
  • Retire


2. Creating Career Opportunities – State your goal clearly


What outcome do you want from the challenge?


  • I want to be promoted to a higher grade in the next six months, with at least a €1,500 increase in salary.
  • I want to work term time hours now that my daughter has started school
  • I want to give something back to society so I am going to start looking for work in the Not for Profit sector in Munster.
  • I want to apply to 25 large companies within 30 miles of Galway that might be looking for Accounts Assistants.


3. Creating Career Opportunities – List your initial alternative solutions


Think about your contingencies should your goal not work out.

If I am not successful at finding term time work I can:

  • Find a part-time position
  • Coordinate after-school child-minding with a friend
  • Look for other family-friendly work options
  • Find a coach/mentor to help me succeed
  • Do nothing


4. Creating Career Opportunities – Collect information and expand the list of choices


I want to work term time hours now that my daughter has started school.

  • What kind of information do you need?
    • What have I got to offer?
    • What term time jobs are out there now?
    • Where are they?
    • What are these employers looking for?
  • Where can you obtain it?
    • Networking
    • Newspapers and other media
    • Internet job sites
    • Recruitment agencies
  • Is it relevant to the problem?
    • Yes, it is relevant to what I want to happen
    • I can start doing something


5. Creating Career Opportunities – Compare and think seriously about your choices


  • What do you know about yourself, ie: your values
    • Have I done all the self-assessment?
    • Do I know my skills, values, achievements, etc?
    • Can I work like this?
  • Your commitments to others involved in the change
    • Who else will it affect (eg: partner, children, parents, friends)?
    • What impact will it have on them (eg: if I work term time hours the family income will be down in the summer months)?
  • Your resources
    • Can we afford the change?
    • Can I cope with being around the house more and with less money?
  • Your constraints
    • Is the timing right?
    • How will our daughter react?
    • Will it mean a move?


6. Creating Career Opportunities – Choose one alternative

  • I am going to apply for a clerical position in a school environment


7. Creating Career Opportunities – Take action on your choice

  • Analyse the job
  • Update your CV
  • Draft the letter of application
  • Research the job
  • Prepare for interview


8. Creating Career Opportunities – Review

  • Review your actions frequently


9. Creating Career Opportunities – Make new decisions if necessary

  • If you are not offered an interview then start again


Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, QCG


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities