Career Guidance Wexford

Career Guidance Wexford – As you may know we operate a nationwide career guidance service throughout Ireland.  Within this blog post we will profile some of the career guidance queries from clients in Wexford and give you a good idea of what type of career guidance is offered to people within Wexford.


Career Guidance Wexford


Joseph – Bunclody, Wexford – Career Guidance Wexford


I need advice on third level education


Canice – Gorey, Wexford – Career Guidance Wexford


Working in a shop at the moment need some advice on some courses I want to do.


Stephen – New Ross, Wexford – Career Guidance Wexford


I would like advice on the best ways to be accepted into a physio or similar masters. Would it be advisable and/or easier/harder to wait until I am a resident? I also would consider advice on the development of my CV.


Tomas – Enniscorthy, Wexford – Career Guidance Wexford


Looking for guidance on which career to take


Kerry – Gorey, Wexford – Career Guidance Wexford


I returned to University do an Arts degree in UCD and I just received my 2.2 degree. I was planning on working in my family business for the rest of my career however I have now changed my mind. I am very interested in Biology and keen on the idea of working in a laboratory or in a job which requires working by myself. I was hoping to get some advice on courses or careers which I can pursue. I hope to travel in a few years also.


George – Rosslare, Wexford – Career Guidance Wexford


I’m in a bit of a quandary at the moment.  Job satisfaction really is an important part of life and in some ways I feel that, because I’m not 21 any more with no commitments, I have let some chances and opportunities slip past me and now I am settling for things as opposed to going after prospects. I am looking to speak to someone who could give me a little guidance in terms of where I could/should be heading or what sectors I would be able to work in with a little extra training. I think I need advice on how to move forward and find a job that I enjoy that will become a career.


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG

Career Guidance Wexford

Career Guidance Wexford