Career Guidance for Graduates

Career Guidance for Graduates – Hello if your reading this blog post.  My name is Diarmuid Haughian and I would describe myself as an entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur who has graduated 6 times!!  So, I know a little bit about the educational sector!  Now, I bought the domain name in 2001 and I decided I’d try and get some commercial experience!  Then in 2007 I decided to give it a crack, and so I launched and we have provided career guidance for graduates all over Ireland for the past seven years.


I know what its like to be a graduate and I know the career guidance practitioners registered on this website have provided solid career guidance for Graduates throughout.  I know, I receive the feedback!  And I have an MA in Career Guidance, so I know the story!!  But I want to make you aware of some of the queries we have received over the past few years.  With the hope that if you you read some of the queries below, you may reach out and book an appointment.  Purely your call and if the below career guidance queries help you, well brilliant.  Don’t be afraid, help is an hand.


Career Guidance for Graduates – Example Queries


Hi there, I recently have decided to change career paths and would really appreciate some advice. I am 23 so I would be classed as a mature student. I graduated with a Business degree in May 2014 and have been working within the HR department for the past year. I have decided that business is not for me and I am considering pursuing a career in health care such as occupational therapy or social studies. I would love to meet with someone with regards to my interests and to understand what options are available for me; whether it be returning to education or completing a course. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks and kind regards. Age, 23.


Career Guidance for Graduates – Client Age, 25


I am currently working in the Tourism industry in an entry level Business development position. I graduated with a 2.2 BA in Economics & Sociology in 2010 but am unsure of where to go in my career next as I am unhappy with the area I am in at present but don’t have a particular direction in mind. I would like some advice, aptitude testing and information on available options if possible. I believe returning to study is probable, whether part time or full time.


Career Guidance for Graduates – Client Age, 33


I am in the process of choosing a post-graduate course in the area of development/emergency management and would like some advice on choosing the right course for this career goal.


Hello, I have completed an MSc Bioengineering in the last 9 months. I haven’t been able to find work in the area of clinical engineering. I’m considering some specific post graduate training in diagnostic radiography in the UK. My background is in nutrition and food science. I would ideally like a position in a company which offers stability and the opportunity to progress, so that I can start a career. I’m looking for some advice on what the most sensible next step is. I’m currently working in research in bio systems engineering, on a one year contract. Kind regards.  Age, 29.


Diarmuid Haughian, MA Career Guidance, QCG


Career Guidance for Graduates

Career Guidance for Graduates