A Career Coach and a Career Guidance Counsellor – The differences

In a previous post we discussed the similarities between a career coach and a career guidance counsellor.  In this blog post we will have a look at the differences between a career coach and a career guidance counsellor.

What are the identifiable differences between a career coaching and career guidance?


Career Coach – Regulation and Accreditation


The first and perhaps most obvious difference is in the training and regulation of the two disciplines.  There are numerous courses available in career coaching delivered in different ways and of different lengths.  There are few distance learning courses – some of which are accredited and well regarded.  But when it comes to face to face courses, there aren’t many and if you’re looking for something longer than a day, vaguely academically credible and won’t require you to take out a second mortgage, then you’d really struggle.


Within career guidance, professional bodies are central to profession and influential in their regulation of professional training.  Every careers adviser practicing in Britain for example has been through a training course that covers similar topics and is at a similar level.


Career coaches, by contrast, are not regulated, and till a few years ago there were no third level academically rigorous career coaching courses in Britain, there are none in Ireland.  There is now a MSc. course at UEL in East London that will allow you to become a career coach, the fees are rather expensive at nine thousand pounds.  I don’t doubt that there are many excellent career coaches practicing but also many who have had no regulated training, and currently there is no way to tell the difference.


Our next blog post will look at the different theories used by both career advisors and a career coach, you can find this follow on blog post here, career coach.


Credit: Julia Yates


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