Career Change Advice…..If you decide to upskill and you are looking for career change advice, how do you decide what course would suit you best? Let’s see if we can help…….


Career Change Advice and Course Choice


Course choice is extremely important. Almost one in four students are dropping out of third level institutions, most of these students are not on the right course. Are students receiving good career advice? Fundamentally they are not getting sufficient career guidance at the early secondary level. And if they do get career guidance in fifth and/or sixth year it is almost too late to influence change and inform the student of implications.


First you must decide what career would suit you best. When you identify a career, then you must find the most appropriate course of education that will provide for that career, factoring issues like location, reputation, academic level, delivery method, full time/part time, fees, living costs, etc.


Career Change Advice and Employment Prospects


It must be stressed the important of employment prospects when you graduate. An impartial career guidance counsellor should ‘tell it straight’ and be honest with regard to employment prospects. Is there an oversupply of Law graduates in Ireland for example? Will you most likely have to do a Post Graduate qualification if you do an Arts degree?


Career Change Advice and Employee Funding


Might the company I work for fund m course? Well, maybe if the employers can justify an immediate return on investment. Although the economy has improved, there is still a resident air of caution. Corporate training budgets have in the past been slashed. Also, companies may be more hesitant to invest in employees’ education as the movement of employees is higher. Some companies have a payback clause if the employee passes the qualification.


Have a look at our next blog post which will take a look at career change advice with regards to funding education that will lead to positive career change.


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG


Career Change Advice