Career Aptitude Test

Career Aptitude Test & Psychometric tests and inventories are commonly used in career counselling to assess not only attributes relevant to occupational choice, such as occupational interests, work values, aptitudes and personality, but also other components of career development, such as decision-making styles and skills, and career maturity (or psychological readiness for career development tasks).


Some career counselling clients also need help with assessing their decision-making skills, and instruments have been developed which assess these as well as career maturity, career indecision, and other aspects of career choice processes.


Career Guidance Counsellors sometimes use a selection of career aptitude tests to help their client to put aptitudes, interests and personality into some sort of occupational context.  Alex Rodgers (1952) developed a trait and factor working model, used by those involved in vocational guidance and the need to assemble a profile of information for each individual based on these seven areas:


  • Physical Makeup
  • Attainments
  • General Intelligence
  • Special Aptitudes
  • Interests
  • Disposition
  • Circumstances


These assumptions provide the basis for the design of psychometric instruments.


Other types of Career Aptitude Test – Evolved


The ‘Strong Interest Inventory’ is based on Holland’s (1997) model of occupational interests – which allows the client to learn about potential jobs and how they differ.  These type of career aptitude test can also aid career decision making.  There are also other career aptitude test that measure work values and basic beliefs, essentially what is important to the client within a work environment.


There are other career aptitude test that can help the career guidance counsellor, that measure ability and personality and we will look at these career aptitude tests at a later date.


Career Aptitude Test – A Word of Warning…..


Career aptitude tests should never be considered that career guidance solution on its own.  For example, how can a career aptitude test factor the individuality of a client’s culture and life story?  Do career aptitude tests factor these important factors, no.


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Diarmuid Haughian MA Career Guidance, QCG


Career Aptitude Test

Career Aptitude Test