Career Advice – The Post Grad Option

Throughout the Celtic Tiger era pre 2007 the number of graduate employment opportunities soared, an awful lot of graduates bypassed the Post Graduate option for the obvious financial logic of a regular good income, valuable experience with a Blue Chip company and an opportunity to pay off student debt. Very difficult to argue with that ‘career advice’!!


If you can afford to stay in third level education and undertake a post graduate qualification take that opportunity, especially if there are limited or difficult employment prospects right now. It could be time to seek career advice for course choice and career future.


Career Advice – The Advantages of Doing a Post Grad


By attaining Masters Level accreditation you will enhance your prospects when the economy improves. It also enhances your prospects within International employment markets, every graduate should be looking at a globalised employment market. Remember a Post Graduate Qualification is one level off doctorate level, it is highly respected by employers.


Career Advice – Differentiate Yourself


By differentiating yourself against the competition you give yourself a competitive advantage, you tick an extra box in the employment screening and decision making process. You will also obviously gain valuable skills and knowledge scope, and perhaps the knowledge and confidence to establish a company of your own. Ultimately a post graduate qualification could open a door to a new beginning.


Be positive and think long term. Speak to your bank manager and see what finance options are available for further study. Try not to fear ‘debt’ as a barrier but see the finance as an investment in your future and employment prospects.


Course choice is extremely important as far as employment prospects and the student. If you have issues with course choice and you need career advice, consult an impartial career guidance practitioner based all over Ireland for qualified career advice.  We have registered on the finest practitioners in the country.


Diarmuid Haughian

MA Career Guidance, QCG



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