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Career Advice Ireland – Rogers (1980, as cited in Egan, 2010, p138) speaks of ‘empathic listening’ which he describes as ‘temporarily living in the other’s life, moving about in it delicately without judgement’.  It is important as a career guidance practitioner providing career advice throughout Ireland to listen intently to the clients story and by summarising and paraphrasing, this technique allow the you to assure the student that you are in fact listening and are fully aware and appreciative of my concerns for the client.  Actively being ‘client centered’.


It is also important when provide career advice in Ireland to ensure that your dialogue is well paced and silence was used to reflect and listen.  Listening to both the client and you the career guidance practitioner.  Silence allows for room and space for the client to reflect and express themselves.


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As summarised by Culley and Bond (2004, p60-62), it is important to base the fundamentals of a client/counsellor  relationship around personal attributes and skills highlighted by Rogers; acceptance, understanding and genuineness. Taking acceptance, it is important to appreciated the client as a valued human being with different and unique values, backgrounds and goals, avoiding any form of judgement and viewing the student in an ‘unconditional positive regard’ (Rodgers, 1961).


By listening, questioning, prioritising and paraphrasing you should be able to come to an ‘Understanding’, not concerned at what you may perceive as important and most pressing, but agreeing with the client what was most important to the client.  You you agreed to a contract as such, an agreed agenda which may be to explore what interests a client might have.


Finally, on reflection, you one should show non-verbal and verbal signs of being genuineness, using positive and engaging body language, giving the client your full attention for the complete session.


These three fundamentals for positive counselling relationships should allow you to set the environment for a person centred career guidance session.


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