Career Advice for Graduates

Career Advice for Graduates – We receive countless enquirers from graduates who are seeking career advice, and yes we welcome all graduates to our services.  Some graduates find it difficult to reach out for career advice and below I have included career queries completed through our website – to try and break down a few barrier.  Seeking career advice and career help should be welcomed.  So have a read and feel free to reach out if you need career advice and career guidance.


Career Advice for Graduates – Sample Queries


Looking for career direction, which route is my personality and skill set best suited to.  Age, 25, BA Arts UCD.

Career Advice for Graduates – Age, 22, UCC Graduate


I am a recent graduate of Social Science in UCC seeking advice on my next step (masters / postgrad?) I have always been interested in all areas associated with Social Science, and I also have a keen interest in event management / personal relations. I really am unsure what road to take. I am open to going to university abroad – the cheaper the better as I am paying for college myself.


Career Advice for Graduates – Age, 25, UCD Graduate


Hi. I’m looking for advice from a professional in ways to further myself with the skills I currently have (see CV) and I would also like to know if there are any career opportunities that I may have over-looked or not been aware if. Also I am thinking of going back to college and would like some help in regards to my options for post-graduate courses. I often feel under-qualified when looking for jobs and have had a hard time looking for possible internships /work placements that are relevant to me for gaining proper experience. I’m hoping that a set of fresh eyes can help me determine what to do.


Career Advice for Graduates – Age, 24, DCU Graduate


Want career direction. Recently quit role as Sales Assistant to pursue something more directly associated with degree – be it further education or otherwise.


Career Advice for Graduates – Age, 26, NUI Maynooth


Currently working in medical device industry as a production supervisor, unhappy in this role as I don’t feel I am putting my best skills to use. I would like to explore working in a more technical role using more of the skills I learned in university, in particular programming.
Diarmuid Haughian, MA Career Guidance, QCG


Career Advice for Graduates

Career Advice for Graduates